How to become a Game Designer?
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Want to become a game designer but don’t know the How’s?

Well, this article has got you covered!

A career in gaming seems promising as it pays a lot but also requires serious amounts of sick intelligence. The game designers work hard to design the game so that the customers can enjoy them. Years of hard work, countless number of brainstorming, research is done and then a game is designed.

Playing a game is easy but have you ever wondered how the game is designed and if you want to be a game designer and design the game idea into reality this article will guide you the following points


This is what you will learn in this article:

What is Game Designing?

What are the essential qualities of a game designer?

How to become a Game designer?


What is Game Designing?

Game designing is the craft and an art and also a science.It is the art of envisioning the storyline, content, and rules of a game.

In short, game designing involves figuring out what will get a player hooked to a game and what won’t… and creating games that will work.

Designing a game is not an easy task because it’s quite competitive in today’s world.

So many games were failed but they failed terribly so if you are thinking to go into the game designing well we won’t discourage you but encourage you because dreams are important, ya know!


What are the essential qualities of a game designer?

Being simply Creative: A game designer is the one who comes up with the concept of the game which means the game designer has to be creative in order to think of an interesting hooking concept.

 A good communicator: Game designer should be able to communicate with other team members because he works as a part of video production team. He should be able to speak well and communicate with anyone with ease or else the game designer might be in trouble making people understand what we want to say.

 Scripting: Being a game designer doesn’t mean just coming up with concepts or ideas but you should also know the basic of scripting at least at the "Scripting” level because you will be working with programmers who will be writing scripts. Along with knowledge in scripting, the game designer should also have an understanding of Art / Aesthetics, Project Management, Culture, Languages, Sound Design / Music etc.

 Cultural Awareness: Games are cultural products and you can not even accidentally offend people of a certain country because you didn’t know something in your game is considered distasteful in their culture.

These are just some of the plenty of qualities which you will come to know when you get into game designing like learning 3D and 2D, animations, VFX and many other things.

How to become a Game Designer?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple you need a degree if you have a dream of working for huge companies like Ubisoft, Gameloft or EA, etc.

You can get a degree from gaming institutes and there are some institute’s in India though many of them themselves have confused game art with game designing it's different.

In India, your options are limited but if you really want to become a game designer then DSK Supinfogame, Pune will be perfect for you because they are 100% practical. They train you via projects (that will become a part of your portfolio) and by the time you graduate you know how to work in teams and make projects possible and design really good games.

Their faculty comprises professionals from the western gaming industry and they seem to know what they are doing.

If you are rich or can afford to learn abroad then Digipen, VFS, and CMU are other schools that provide the kind of education that you need.Also, try to make sure the program is practical and that it is at least two years in duration or else you might just end up being a theoretical expert and practical bump.


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